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We are a team bound by our shared passion and dedication to the gaming industry.

Our mission is to offer fair deals to video game studios in order to publish and help produce interesting and innovative titles.

About us

TA Publishing

TA Publishing is an established French company, subsidiary of Forever Entertainment, Polish developer and biggest European publisher on Nintendo Switch.

What do we do ?

Our area of intervention is multiple, from art direction, to brand management and game design up until project management, we're able to provide technical and functional support throughout all stages of production.

TA Publishing is also proficient in the publishing area in partnership with Forever Entertainment and Nintendo.
We study each case with the utmost attention and proceed with a careful and meticulous selection while staying in contact with you during the whole process.

Working with us

Our values

Being a development studio ourselves, our goal is to offer indie developers with common values and goals, therefore, at TA Publishing we:

  • Understand development constraints and challenges

  • Provide solutions and not only deadlines

  • Never take your I.P or any share in it

  • Value our partnership and see projects through their very end

Do you want to work with us ?

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