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You are a game studio ?

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From helping you achieve your project in due time to publishing it on various platforms, we adapt ourselves to your needs!


We offer production support tailored to your specific needs


Whether your project is in the early stages of conception or at an advanced one, we're able to provide you with the functional and technical assistance you need

Brand management

From helping you define your project's brand identity to offering tangible and valuable guidelines that will guarantee consistency in your marketing deliverables


Throughout our years of experience we've met and bounded with talented game studios that are able to perform and help you bring your ideas to life

Art direction

Coming up with an attractive yet rallying art direction is a true challenge in itself. Our team can intervene and guide you through the industry's best practices and trends

Game design

Our game design team is flexible and can lend you a hand throughout all production stages: game design document writing, gameplay mechanics conception, balancing up until quality assurance

Publishing & Republishing

We have successfully published a wide variety of games on all platforms. Our publishing knowledge and experience will help you release your game in the best conditions possible

We are not just a publisher

We are by your side during the whole process of your game developement and beyond.

We provide tangible guidance and assistance in the production of your game.

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Released on April 25th, 2023

Magical Drop VI

Production, Art direction & Game Design

Our team played a central role in the follow-up to one of the most appreciated arcade saga: Magical Drop.

We handled the project's entire art direction, our lead artist handled all tasks related to it from the conception phase to the recruitement of talented artists from Japan until the design and delivery of both UI and UX needs.
We were also heavily present on the game design front, the project was created and balanced through our team's game design document and collected data.

Out Now

House of the Dead: Remake  & Panzer Dragon: Remake


We took in charge multiple production aspects, notably the tasks that weren't internally performed at Megapixel studio, the main development studio for both titles.

These tasks entailed the creation  of House of the Dead: Remake's original soundtrack and the voice-acting in accordance with an external recording studio located in the United-States.

As for Panzer Dragoon: Remake's music, we had the incredible privilege to work alongside Kobayashi-san, the original sound composer who remastered her own work.

Our role also encompassed the relation maintenance between the development studio, the intellectual properties holders (Sega) and physical distributors (Microids & Limited Run Games).

Released & Coming Soon

Front Mission 1st, 2 and 3: Remakes

Brand Management

For nearly two years we've supported the three main development studios in charge of a specific Front Mission title.

Our task was to make sure that communication around those three games respected the intellectual property, the right holders' requests and the development studios abilities to produce them.

Through careful and precise researches, we drafted a communication bible containing Front Mission's core lore, story and visual identity which would then act as the main reference to help development studios while creating convincing and sharable marketing content we would validate before publication.

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Let's see how we can work together !

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